Smackdown #133 - May, Week #3

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Smackdown #133 - May, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Fri May 19, 2017 12:34 am

Tye Dillinger’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.  Dillinger grabs a mic.  Dillinger: “Last week, I defeated the always dangerous Aleister Black.  After that match, I had a conversation with William Regal and he has granted me a title shot at the European Title at the next pay-per-view.  Just to prove I deserve this shot, I will face Cesaro next week and if he wins, he gets the shot.”  Dillinger drops the mic and leaves the ring.

The Young Buck (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix
After a high paced 20 minutes, all four men start hitting each other with Superkicks.  After 20 Superkicks, they all hit one at the same time and all four men are down.  Nick pushes Fenix out of the ring then hits a Moonsault off the apron.  Matt and Pentagon start trading punches.  Pentagon gets the upper hand and hits The Pentagon Driver (Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver).  Pentagon picks up Matt and sets him up for The Fear Factor (Package Piledriver) but Tanga Roa has come to the ring and is distracting the ref.  Tama Tonga comes through the crowd and slides in the other side of the ring and hits a spear on Pentagon.  Tonga and Roa grab Fenix and hold him on the outside as The Young Bucks pick up Pentagon and hit The Meltzer Driver (assisted Tombstone Piledriver).  Matt pins Pentagon as Nick dives out of the ring onto Fenix, 1...2...3.
Winners: The Young Bucks

After the match, The Young Bucks and The Guerrillas of Destiny walk up the ramp and taunt Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix as we go to commercial.

James Storm vs. Bram
These two men battle for 15 minutes of high impact moves.  Bram hits a powerslam as Storm comes off the ropes then hits a jumping leg drop.  Bram goes to the top and tries for a diving elbow but Storm moves at the last second.  As both men are getting up, Eddie Kingston slides in the ring and hits a clothesline on both men.  The ref calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

Kingston picks up Bram and hits The Saito Suplex then hits The Sliding D.  James Storm is to his feet and gets caught with The Backfist to the Future then The American D.  Both men are left lying.  Kingston spits on both men and heads to the back.

Charly Caruso catches up with Eddie Kingston backstage after the commercial break.  Charly: “Eddie, what happened out there?”  Eddie: “If James Storm and Bram want to start a war with ‘The War King’, I’m more than happy to oblige.  Those two failures were the reason why The DCC was not successful.  We should’ve been the most dominant faction in wrestling history but unfortunately we weren’t.  I will continue my quest to get a title back and you two get in my way, you better watch out.”  Eddie Kingston leaves the camera view as the camera pans in on Charly’s face.

LAX (Santana, Ortiz & Homicide) vs. Catch Point (Chris Dickinson, Jaka & Fred Yehi)
Once the bell rings, an all-out brawl starts.  After 15 minutes, the battle is still going on with little control from the ref.  Yehi clotheslines Homicide over the top rope then hits a suicide dive.  Dickinson hits a Crucifix Powerbomb on Ortiz as Jaka connects with The Jumanji Bomb (sitout choke bomb) on Santana.  Jaka covers Santana, 1...2...3.
Winners: Catch Point

After the match, Charly Caruso has met up with William Regal.  Charly: “Mr. Regal, is there any update on the next Pay-Per-View?”  Regal: “Charly, in 11 days, we have changed our next PPV name from Hardcore Justice to Slamboree.  At Slamboree on May 28, Anti-Hope will defend the King of Trios Titles against Catch Point.  Kassius Ohno will defend his European Title against Tye Dillinger.  Lastly, we will see a 3-way, elimination grudge match between Eddie Kingston, James Storm and Bram.”  Regal walks away as we go to a video package previewing the main event.

Jakob Hammermeier & Tim Donst vs. Kelly Khaos & ???
The BDK’s music hits and Jakob Hammermeier and Tim Donst come out to the ring.  Donst grabs a mic.  Donst: “Last week, we showed Kelly Khaos that the women should stay in their own division.  But, she apparently still doesn’t get it so we’ll have to beat it into her.  Get your ass out here so we can teach you a lesson.”  Kelly Khaos’ music hits and she comes out to the ring.  Kelly stands outside the ring for a minute as she waits for her partner.  Finally, music hits.  IT’S JOHN GREATRIX.  Greatrix makes his way to the ring to help his girlfriend.  Greatrix and Khaos nod at each other then slide in the ring.  The ref rings the bell and we are under way.  Kelly and Donst pair off as Greatrix and Jakob go to the outside.  Greatrix is beating on Jakob near the announce tables.  As the ref is paying attention to the action on the floor, Donst hits Kelly with a low blow.  Donst starts to stomp Kelly then hits a jumping senton.  Donst covers Kelly but only gets a 2 count.  Donst and Hammermeier control the match for another 10 minutes before Kelly hits an enzuigiri on Donst.  Kelly crawls to her corner and makes the tag to Greatrix.  Greatrix hits Donst with a big boot.  Jakob runs in and gets tossed over the top rope to the floor.  Kelly hits a sitting senton off the apron onto Jakob.  Kelly gets back on the ring and Greatrix tags her back in.  Greatrix hits a lariat on Donst.  Greatrix picks up Donst as Kelly climbs to the top rope.  Greatrix hits a Michinoku Driver.  Kelly flies off the top with The Red Arrow and covers Donst, 1...2...3.
Winners: Kelly Khaos & John Greatrix

After the match, Kelly Khaos and John Greatrix hug and celebrate their victory as the show ends.

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