Nitro #107 - May, Week #2

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Nitro #107 - May, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Sat May 13, 2017 4:58 pm

AJ Styles is in the ring to start the show. Styles: “Last week, Brock Lesnar was granted a shot at my World title. I have to ask, what has Brock Lesnar done to deserve a shot at my title? The answer is nothing. He and his partner lost the tag team titles and have yet to recover them. So, since he knows that he can’t beat Mass Genocide, he figures he will go after a softer target? I have news for you Brock, the person holding this title is AJ Styles and tonight in the steel cage, you are going to regret this match.” Paul Heyman appears on the stage. Heyman: “Mr. Styles, my client is the prize fighter in the CWA and if we are speaking strictly business here, then there isn’t a better option than Brock Lesnar. My client is going to walk down this ramp, enter that very ring and when the steel cage is lowered and you realize you are locked in there with a beast, you will understand why my client is the man around here. Your time as the CWA World Champion is over Mr. Styles. You had a good run, short but good nonetheless. It’s time you moved aside and handed that title to someone deserving of it.” Heyman drops the mic on the stage and walks backstage leaving Styles in the ring looking on.

Jack Swagger vs. Luke Gallows
Gallows took the fight to Swagger right off the bat, landing some vicious rights with Swagger stuck in the corner. Swagger, with the cheering of the crowd, explodes out of the corner catching Gallows with a big boot sending him crashing to the mat. Swagger then started using his wrestling skills to keep Gallows on the mat. Gallows eventually worked his way to his feet and then looks to hit a big boot of his own. Swagger catches Gallows’ foot with the crowd erupting knowing what was next to come. Swagger locks in The Patriot Lock. Gallows is unable to get to the ropes and has to tap out.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Jojo is backstage with Ted Dibiase. Jojo: “Mr. Dibiase, why have you arranged for this match tonight?” Dibiase: “It’s simple Jojo. There can only be one tag team champion on this show and that will be decided next. I would like everyone in the back to come out and watch the destruction tonight and consider it a warning to any that would challenge Mass Genocide. HA HA HA HA HA.”

Mass Genocide (Sadistic & Psychotic) (c) vs. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch (c) (Champion vs. Champion Non-title Match)
Most of the locker room is around the ring, up the ramp and standing on the stage as Mass Genocide walks down the ramp and gets into the ring where Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are standing. Once in the ring, Mass Genocide walks over to Banks and Lynch where they stand face-to-face until the ref calls for the bell. Sadistic starts off the match against Lynch and it’s very one sided. Lynch is whipped hard into the corner where Sadistic hits a vicious running clothesline that floors Lynch. Banks starts yelling at the ref when Sadistic walks over to her and delivers a right that sends Banks off the apron and into some of the wrestlers around the ring. Charlotte is seen smiling as the camera pans back to the ring where a tag is made. Lynch is picked up by Sadistic for a Powerbomb and the two men hit The Final Solution. Most of the wrestlers turn their back to the ring as Psychotic covers Lynch, 1…2…3.
Winners: Mass Genocide

Mass Genocide stands over the broken Lynch with the crowd booing and the locker room returning to the back with not one of them looking back to the ring.

Renee Young is in the back with Lana. Renee: “Lana, what we just saw was horrible. What is your response to Mass Genocide?” Big E and Xavier Woods appear from off screen. Woods: “Renee, what we all just witnessed was completely uncalled for and good on Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for going out there and showing everyone the courage they have. But, as for Mass Genocide…” Big E grabs the mic. Big E: “Mass Genocide, we The New Day here by challenges you next week for the CWA Tag Team titles. We The New Day are going to teach you a lesson through the power of positivity and when the bell rings and the smoke clears, we The New Day will be your new C…W…A Tag Team champions because…New Day rocks…New Day rocks….New Day rocks.” The New Day leaves camera with Renee smiling and looking on.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman (Steel Cage World Title Match)
Both men are standing in the ring as the steel cage slowly descends upon the ring. Once the cage is settled, the ref calls for the bell and Lesnar charges at Styles who ducks and begins landing rights and lefts then stiff kicks to Lesnar’s legs. Nothing seems to have an effect on Lesnar who grabs Styles by the waist and begins to introduce him to Suplex City one suplex at a time. By the time Lesnar is finished, he has suplexed Styles 10 times leaving him motionless on the mat. Lesnar moves in, picks Styles up on his shoulders and looks ready to hit an F5. Styles lands on his feet, hits a running forearm, then another, then another. Lesnar is on the defensive with Styles attacking from several different angles. Lesnar is in the middle of the ring staggering around when Styles goes to the apron and when Lesnar turns around, Styles springboards for The Phenomenal Elbow but is caught midair and F5’d. Lesnar then goes for a cover, 1…2… but Offord breaks up the count. Offord has come from under the ring. Lesnar is grabbed and hit with a Chuck Bottom. The crowd is stunned as Offord grabs Styles and lays him on Lesnar. The ref starts the count, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL World Champion: AJ Styles

The fans can’t believe it as Offord extends a hand to the dazed Styles who eventually shakes it. Offord leaves the ring walking past a shocked Heyman. The camera returns to Styles who holds the World Title up.

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